Character Creation

The base rule set is Pathfinder, but all 3.X/D20 compatible material is allowed. No restrictions, but I reserve the right to veto any material.

Starting Level: 3rd level Gestalt Characters. You have 2 favored classes. Standard Starting gold/loot. 

Race/Templates: You have 4 free levels to use for races and templates. You may use templates, playable races, and monsters. Use the CR unless there is a lower level adjustment. You may  sacrifice one side of your gestalt leveling both current and future to take options with a higher CR than 7 up to 24, but future levels may only be used for one option. You may be asked by the DM to level into some of your abilities/bonuses. Stat bonuses are granted from templates and playable races, but not monster races. You can not be bigger than large size, but may be a hybrid of a larger creature. You can use one free zero level race. Your character must make sense as an adventurer. 

Ability Scores
Use the following array to determine your character's ability scores: 18/16/14/14/12/10. You may adjust the scores, but to add to a score you must subtract from a higher score. At every 3 levels you receive a +1 to both a physical and a mental stat.

Hit points: At first level only, add your constitution score instead of the modifier. Take the maximum hit die roll at all levels.

Feats: You get one feat per level instead of every 3. 

Saves: At character creation choose two good saves and one poor save. Your saves are not dependent on your classes. Exception: If you level in monk or another class that typically has all good saving throws, add .5 to your poor save for every level of monk. If you will be taking monk every level simply use three good saves.

Level Good Poor
1 2 0
2 3 0
3 3 1
4 4 1
5 4 1
6 5 2
7 5 2
8 6 2
9 6 3
10 7 3
11 7 3
12 8 4
13 8 4
14 9 4
15 9 5
16 10 5
17 10 5
18 11 6
19 11 6
20 12 6


Character Creation

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